About Halcyon

'Halcyon', the summer fest of Siddaganga Institute of Technology is the largest cultural event that SIT hosts, held for a span of 3 days. Since its inception in 1992, the charm of this annual festival has anything but not diminished with the spirits of the participants, organizers and the audience growing stronger and bigger every year. With a footfall of 2500 participants in and around the state participating in the events of the fest. A fest of colours and creativity, Halcyon has always promised ecstatic performances and fun and has delivered the same.
A Jewel in the crown of SIT's cultural events, Halcyon will be celebrating its 'Silver Jubilee' this year. Halcyon organizes a plethora of events in many genres and is a host to participants from various colleges of Karnataka. Halcyon'17 returns with a bigger, better and loud bang!!! With a mind blogging 36+ events spread over 6 fantabulous genres and some informal events, Halcyon'17 brings with it pysch performance and all the fun. We are giving away a whopping total of 2.5 lakhs+ cash prizes to the winners of our events.

About SIT

The paradisiacal 'Siddaganga institute of Technology' an autonomous institute affiliated to VTU, Belagavi is nested in the picturesque environment of Tumakuru, close to Bengaluru . Ever since its inception in 1963, the college has gifted the nation with competent professionals. It is a part of Sree Siddaganga educational society and draws its inspiration from Padma Bhushan his holiness Dr. Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamiji.SIT has secured 5th rank in Karnataka and 70th rank in the country. The institute offers UG courses in 12 disciplines. It also runs 16 PG programs along with PhD in 16 disciplines. It has 5000+ Students pursuing courses with faculty strength of 333. The college is spread over an area of 50 acres, the institute is a perfect blend of nature and modern technology. The campus boasts of aesthetic, chromatic and ethereal greenery teamed with state-of-the-art infrastructure. This provides a perfect synergetic environment to learn and grow. The college is a miniature India with students drawn from all parts of the country where they live and study together with harmony.

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Yerriswamy M

Sumidha P Bennur

Abhishek Khandelwal


SIT is known for its hospitality.Free accommodation and food will be provided to all the participants coming from outside Tumkur For more queries Contact

  • Akshay-8746912277
  • Vibudha-9008309546


Day 1 (2nd March'17)
Inaugration Birla Auditorium 11:00 AM
Face Painting Lawn Tennis Court 1:30 PM
Anti Chess Archi Dept 1:30 PM
Turncoat ECE Dept 1:45 PM
FIFA Civil Dept 2:00 PM
Duet Singing Birla Auditorium 2:00 PM
Stand Up Comedy AD Block Sem Hall 2:00 PM
Creative Modelling ECE Dept 2:15 PM
Clay Modelling MECH Dept 3:00PM
Dumb Charades ECE Dept 3:00 PM
Street Play BasketBall Court 3:15 PM
Classicl Vocal Solo Birla Auditorium 3:30 PM
Instrumental Solo Birla Auditorium 5:00 PM
Duet Dance Open Stage 6:00 PM
Battle Of Bands Open Stage 7:00 PM

Day 2 (3rd March'17)
20Q(Prelims) TE Dept 11:15 AM
Collage Archi Dept 11:30 AM
SKIT Birla Auditorium 11:30 AM
Spell Bee(Prelims) ECE Dept 12:00 PM
Counter Strike MCA 12:00 PM
Quiz(Prelims) TE Block 12:15 PM
Blind Fold Texting ECE Dept 1:45PM
Debate ECE Dept 1:45PM
Western Vocal Solo Birla Auditorium 2:00 PM
20Q(Finals) ECE Dept 3:00 PM
Installation Archi Dept 3:00 PM
Quiz(Finals) ECE Dept 3:00 PM
Spell Bee (Finals) ECE Dept 4:00PM
Western Solo Dance Birla Auditorium 4:00 PM
Classical Solo Dance Birla Auditorium 5:00 PM
Indian Ethnic Show Open Stage 6:00 PM
Choreography Open Stage 7:00 PM

Day 3 (4th March'17)
MIME Birla Auditorium 10:00 AM
NFS MCA Dept 11:00 AM
70 MM AD Seminar Hall 11:00 AM
JAM(Prelims) ECE Dept 11:15 AM
Creative Photography AD Seminar Hall 11:30 AM
60 Seconds To Fame Birla Auditorium 11:30 AM
Light Indian Vocal Birla Auditorium 2:00 PM
JAM(Final) ECE Dept 2:30 PM
3 Monkeys ECE Dept 2:30 PM
Valedictory Function Birla Auditorium 5:00 PM
MUSICAL NIGHT Open Stage 7:30 PM